We are the Roman family and for over 40 years we’ve had one passion, making boots.

We are the kind of people that value hard work and believe that things done with the
heart are the ones that are worth our time, effort, and devotion.
For us, boots are not just a product or a trend, boots are a lifestyle. That’s why ever since we started crafting handmade boots, we’ve focused on making them unique, comfortable, and long-lasting.
Above all, we believe that owning the best pair of boots is not a matter of money, it’s a matter of quality and honest work. That’s why from design to delivery, the whole process stays in the family so we can guarantee that every part of it is truly dedicated to make each pair of boots one that you will keep for a lifetime.

From our hearts to your hands, we ensure the entire process, from design to delivery, mirrors our passion for great boots.

We believe in

Every boot is handmade. Leather is inspected prior to use. Every boot gets checked by a Roman family member before it leaves the factory.

When you’re passionate about something, there’s no room for mass manufacturing. That’s why we make unique, great looking designs. Our constantly changing lines mean that you can stand out among the crowd.


When you build boots the right way you can get damn good boots that are affordable for everyone. Building boots the right way from the beginning lets us provide a great product at a lower price to our customers. With Roman Boots, you get premium boots without the unreasonable price tag.


We think it's madness that in a world where 80% of people have a foot that is half a size larger than the other, boot companies still expect everyone to buy two identical shoes. We take our customization a “step” further than most by helping customers who may need specific adjustments in heel heights, shaft widths, or mismatched sizes.


We consider our communities part of the Roman family, that’s why we want to share the love that people have towards our boots with great organizations and groups.